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On Reverse Racism (LOL)

Recently I tweeted what i thought was a very innocuous tweet regarding claims of ‘reverse racism’ (Seriously, do these people not know what RACISM is)? during the Indigenous round of the AFL. (Australian Football League)

This is an event that has been held for a while now to celebrate Aboriginal culture and kick off Reconciliation week. Reconciliation week is a Govt initiated program to supposedly promote ‘Aboriginal inclusion’ in Australia. (Yup, ‘inclusion’ you can’t see me rolling my eyes? laughing? Good, white Australia hates when I do that).

Here’s my oh so OFFENSIVE tweet –

Dear Twitter. An Indig round is NOT ‘reverse racism’.We’re letting you white fucks play aint we? So go fuck yaselves. Sincerely – Pissed Off

Many of the lolworthy tweets and FB posts I was attempting to reply to consisted of comments along these lines, and so as to not attract moar haters to this blog, Im not going to post them, just summarize –

Why are they even having an Indigenous round? Why not an Irish round? reverse racist much?

We don’t call every other round the Caucasian round. This is reverse racism.

I’m sick of these fucking Abos crying about how bad their lives are, get a job you alcoholics, and stop with the reverse racism.

60,000 yr culture, invented a stick, lets celebrate that, they say we’re racist, they are the racist ones!

BUT! Guess who’s the bad guy here.

Have a guess.

Go on.

If your brown you know who’s not gettin out of this one alive. You. Just. Know.

Coz you’ve been here many many many times before.


I called white people “Fucks”.

Somebody get a fucken lawyer, coz this brown woman aint gettin away with this. OMG call a psychiatrist coz this brown person gone and hurt my fucking feelings. How dare she, HOW VERY DARE SHE (and um, yes, I actually got a reply tweet that said ‘How very dare you’ I swear to fucking glob I wish I was making this shit up).

Let me clarify what reverse racism would be – If the AFL held an entire round that no white people could participate in, you know, like black people couldn’t, for like, 150 years? That would be the very definition of reverse racism. But because their were in fact white people playing. I saw them! You claims of ‘reverse racism’ are not only wrong, they’re extra special stupid fuck you dumb white people wrong.

Now go and cry coz you got told by a brown woman.


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5 thoughts on “On Reverse Racism (LOL)

  1. Reblogged this on Jumping The Planet and commented:
    Please be informed about the real issues of the country, this is something I have a building passion for more & more.

  2. Jenna Richards on said:

    ” extra special stupid fuck you dumb white people wrong” that is fabulous!! Thanks for this post.

  3. Jules FrogHollow4 on said:

    “How very dare you” is an English TV comedy show line. It may have been tongue in cheek, if they said nothing else negative. They may have been taking the piss at your attackers.

    Nonetheless, there are a lot of mean, ignorant people out there, all of whom seem to have worked out how to use Twitter.

    I remember when I was a teenager, 100 years ago, I thought the saying “subvert the dominant paradigm” was middle class twattery (after I checked the dictionary to see what it meant), but someone has to. Keep it up, sister.

  4. Ugh, this fucking country. Great post.

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