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On Racist incidents in Australia 2013 part 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Round two. Also known as the wait, did I just quantum leap back to 1930? Round.

A group of 8 Australian men attack 5 Jewish people as they were walking home from a Synagogue in Sydney.

Two people were hospitalised and the injuries received ranged from a fractured cheekbone to a broken nose, concussion, lacerations and bruising. A spokesperson from the Sydney Jewish community stated that the victims told him this attack was unprovoked and racially motivated.  There is NO excuse for this kind of violence in the 21st century.

If only there was a way to firmly deter and prosecute this kind of racially motivated violence and abuse, oh wait, there is, it’s the Racial Discrimination Act, currently flagged by the federal government to be scrapped, and replaced with …….. nothing.

The University of Western Australias  student guild publishes racist jokes in its satirical PROSH newspaper.

The next generation of racists certainly aren’t lagging behind their racist parents when it comes to denigrating Aboriginal Australians if their “Dreamtime Horoscopes” are anything to go by. All the usual stereotypes are present in the supposedly comedic piece, including sniffing petrol and getting enormous amounts of money from the government.    

I recently read a piece by Mia McKenzie on Black Girl Dangerous, who stated “Satire works best when you are flipping the script on the oppressor, on the system. When you are calling attention to the ways that the system is jacked by amplifying the absurdity of that system. Not caricaturing and otherwise disrespecting the people who are oppressed by that system.” I can think of no other way to adequately explain how much this supposedly “satirical” student newspaper fucked up.  (And please, go read Black Girl Dangerous, it is one of the best sites out there).

The Indigenous Communities Education and Awareness Foundation WAS one of the groups that received some of the profits from the sale of PROSH. This association no longer exists, for obvious reasons.

Indian cricketer Monty Penesar is the subject of a tweet from Cricket Australia of a picture of four Indian men dressed as Teletubbies that reads “Will the real Monty Penesar please stand up”.

Ohhhhhh because all brown men look the same right? That’s so funny …. NOT. This ingrained casual racism that the herald sun dubs “False outrage that distracts from fight against real racism” is STILL racism. I have no idea where this sliding scale of racism comes from. Racism is racism full stop. Right wing arseholes that try to distract from ANY racism via placing it on a god damn bell curve are the only ones distracting from racism PERIOD.


The week before Cricket Australia decided to let a racist jackarse loose on it’s Twitter account, the ABC and Cricket Australia were busy in Alice Springs with their own racist jackarse, David Nixon. Who was the ground announcer. This dipshit thought it would be funny to announce Monty Panesar with a thick Indian accent. This arsehole denies he was being racist, and from what I can gather, denies he used the accent at all. And I know brown and black Aussies will be nodding in agreement when I say this – Some people are so clueless and unaware of their racism they don’t, even for one second, realise they are doing it and when they are called on it, will honestly believe they have done nothing wrong. Then continue to be racist until the day they die. But usually spreading their particular brand of racism to their kids, their grandkids, nieces, nephews and any other spongelike mind.

Racist taxi drivers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, Rockhampton, Cairns, Darwin, ok my fingers are getting sore. You get the picture.

For the purposes of time, space and my poor fingers, I’ll use the Melbourne cabbies that repeatedly refused fares to a group of Aboriginal actors who were in Melbourne rehearsing, often until the early hours at the Malthouse theatre as an example of this brand of racism that I myself, my youngest son, a quick ring around poll of my cousins, roughly 95% of have dealt with on numerous occasions.

The actors involved resorted to asking white theatre staff to hail taxis while they waited around the corner, and after the taxi had pulled up, would quickly hop in. I don’t even have the words to describe the humiliation of this occurrence. It really does feel like a swift kick in the guts, the way the air just seems to leave your body all at once. Then the hot/cold feeling of shame. It’s excruciating to feel and embarrassing to recount.  

Black peoples money is worth decidedly less when it comes to taxis in this country. There really ought to be a law that protects black people from this kind of incident, maybe some kind of racial discrimination law …. Oh wait.

Part 3 coming soon.


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2 thoughts on “On Racist incidents in Australia 2013 part 2 – Electric Boogaloo

  1. Minor thing probably worth fixing: Monty Panesar isn’t Indian, he’s British, was born in the UK and plays for England.

  2. You have defamed me by repeating the sensationalist (and very wrong) impression of others. Hang your head in shame for, n doing so, have perpetuated the racist meme you are purportedly raging against. Fool! Only an idiot would trust in the accuracy of a News Ltd report. Remove your editorial please or else I’ll have no other recourse except to add you to the list of publishers who I’m intent on suing.

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