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On racist incidents in Australia 2013. Part one of a ten thousand part series.

Sick of the most blah blah of 2013 lists yet? No? Good, because here’s another one. I will be making this an annual thing, and since this is the first one I’m attempting ever, it’s not going to be good But hey, it’ll be better next year right? RIGHT? We can live in hope, says the most powerful black man in the world, Jay Z. And on that note, here goes the list of the most racist incidents in no particular order other than the order in which I am remembering them.

Adam Goodes gets called an ape by a 13 year old girl.

This one is stands out in my mind. Because it was Indigenous round of the AFL week, a week to celebrate reconciliation, culture, recognising Indigenous sporting excellence and reflect on the hard road Australian Aboriginals have faced and are still facing in regards to inclusion in all areas of society. The poise and grace shown by Goodes towards the young girl was exemplary. I had a very fiery blog post written and ready to publish, but refrained in light of Goodes plea to be ‘Very sensitive and very careful about how this girl gets treated’ in reference to her age.

This incident highlights the fact that racism is NOT going away. If a 13 year old is slinging racial insults, what does that say about this country trying to present itself as a non-racist nation? I have heard countless times that Australian racists are older people. This is not the case. If anything, younger people are becoming even more outspokenly prejudiced than the generation that preceded them.

**BONUS RACISM** Eddie McGuire then went on a radio station to talk about the incident, and promptly added more racism to the already blazing bonfire of the racists. Eddie apologised, he really really really was so very very sorry. Not sorry enough to resign in disgrace though, nor were his superiors embarrassed enough to sack his racist arse. STRAYA, racist one day, really bloody racist the next.

Andrew Laming. Federal member for Bowman, QLD. Tweets ”Mobs tearing up Logan. Did any of them do a day’s work today, or was it business as usual and welfare on tap?”

The tweet was in response to tensions which flared up in violence between Aboriginal and Pacific Islander communities in Logan. This is exactly the kind of insensitive stereotypical remark that only perpetuates stereotypes of particular people of colour in this country. Stereotypes 200 years old and still going strong, because of repulsive racist men like Laming who are never shy about being openly racist on any platform, because they know there will never be any real backlash that would cause him to lose his job or be penalised in any way.

In fact, this revoltingly hateful piece of shit went on to retain his seat in Bowman. Which says as much about the majority of the Bowman electorate than a full page ad on stormfront. And just to add to the particularly vile bio of Laming, he recently tweeted in response to a picture of a nurse in her gym gear, described as an average Australian woman at 163cm tall and weighing 70kg “So it’s OK to be overweight, if it is now average!”

He not only hates black people, he hates white women who weigh more than 70kg too.

Olivia Mahon. The woman who decided it would be ok to throw an African themed Birthday party, complete with blackface.

Olivias response? “People wear Oktoberfest costumes to parties and no one cracks it that they are not German”.  She then went on to say “To be honest I am not a racist person at all so I didn’t think anyone could possibly take it that way”. Really Olivia? I think it’s safe to say the majority of black people from 6 continents and quite a few nonblack people as well DID take it that way.

Susan Bernobich. The racist who was videoed abusing 2 Asian students on a bus in Sydney.

Susan hit the headlines after her racially abusive tirade went viral on youtube. She was tracked down and charged with offensive language. A charge for which she was issued a bond without conviction. The judge ruled that she was really so very sorry and absolutely genuinely contrite. She then went on A Current Racist, oops, I meant, A Current Affair, cried some crocodile tears, maybe got paid, maybe didn’t, and now will only be racist when she is absolutely sure no one is filming her.


Part 2 Coming soon.


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