Gomeroi. This is MY truth.

Bad poem bet I lost

You shame our men and call them violent. Monsters

You shame us women, with your words of neglect

You shame our children for their lack of shoes

You call us dirty, lazy no good

Then tell us to get jobs

Jobs from people who you told

That we were dirty, lazy and no good

And when we get them jobs

We must lock our truths in our hearts

And never speak them

For when truths are spoken

The jobs go with them

You say we must buy our own homes

To put on the land you stole from our ancestors

You came here on a boat

And now you wont share?

You never loved and kept this land

We have no treaty

This land was given to you, shared with you

But now I must?

I must work and scratch and eke

While you forget where you came from?

That will make us better

Like you

What makes you better?

The land you stole?

The jobs you refuse us?

The shoes on your feet?

I’m sick of the shackles of shame you have put around my neck

I give them back to you

The ones who put my brothers and sisters in jail

For stealing food to feed their families

The ones who kill my people and get away with it

For the mental illness your demands cause

I give them back to you

For the suicides of the people with no way out

The people who give in to their shame

The shame you put there

In their hearts

I give these shackles back to you

Black person cheering while your people are kicked

When they are down

Voiceless and in the dirt

You wear these chains of shame

I refuse to be shamed

I shackle you to my unshackled shame.


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4 thoughts on “Bad poem bet I lost

  1. I’m not sure that any black friends of mine would cheer if “my people” were kicked. I don’t think subjugation of white people would either erase the pain of Aboriginal history or bring joy to Aboriginal people today

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