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On IndigenousX steps it up

A great way to support Indigenous content is through online spaces. A very good friend Luke Pearson, creator of Indigenous X, the weekly rotational Twitter account. dedicated solely to Indigenous voices has conceived and poured his heart and soul into bringing to life the fledgling website. While it’s still in it’s very early stages I feel that over time it will become a seminal resource on both historical and contemporary Indigenous issues.

As well as the writing I will be doing for on Indigenous health I will also begin to contribute to on a semi regular basis. I believe whole heartily in Lukes vision of a space where every Indigenous person gets a chance to be heard, to share stories, to vent frustration, to celebrate achievements, but most importantly, to do so in a safe place of solidarity.

I have waxed lyrical about my feelings on being a host of the IndigenousX Twitter account here and my feelings haven’t changed. IndigenousX means a great deal to me and to see Lukes hard work and patience starting to take off is a wonderful thing. While the site is still in it’s first stages, it by no means is anywhere near the breadth and scope envisioned by Luke, myself and a lot of other people who are willing to work, work and work even harder to build it into not just an informative site, but an Indigenous experience.

Please go and visit, there are some fantastic T shirts available, and all sales go directly back into furthering the sites creation

“Let your vision be ahead of your sight! Dream beyond what you see and never let your environment determine the size of what you see in your convictions. If possible, dream about what does not exist and the good news is that “it is possible”; so go and do it now!” – Israelmore Ayivor


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2 thoughts on “On IndigenousX steps it up

  1. IndigenousX has quickly become one of my go-to Twitter feeds for a potent snapshot of the state of mind of Australia. I think it is a valuable initiative.

  2. Probably I’ll get one T. Thanks for sharing.

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