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‘Feminism Lite’. A response from Intersectional feminists by Christine Donayre

All of this.


So a white bloke has figured out what’s wrong with feminism and has discovered ‘Feminism lite’? Really? Is ‘feminism lite’ is the new name for liberal feminism? Perhaps I should ask a man to explain it to me.

Right through the article by Antony Loewenstein on ‘Feminism Lite’, the author claims that men are scared of commenting about feminism for fear of backlash from women. Now, I don’t want to make light of any fear that the author may have genuinely experienced when deciding to comment on ‘feminism’ or not. What I will say is that surely this experience of feminists berating a white man expressing his opinion is not comparable to the reality faced by women on a day-to-day basis. The fear of walking down a dark street by yourself at night time anywhere in Sydney, walking past a group of men, having to confront dominating people in…

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