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So you’re a feminist

I identify as an Intersectional Feminist. This means I believe in equality over every aspect of life. I choose to be an Intersectional Feminist because I am a black woman who endures barriers that most non black women will more than likely never encounter.

These barriers include racism (obviously), stereotypes that because I am black I am unintelligent, an alcoholic, a terrible mother, an unwillingness to work, a dirty home, a dirty body, an inability to hold a conversation, a criminal, not being able to read a clock (someone actually asked me this once), I am lazy, I expect things to be handed to me, I get more money than non black people, I am violent, the list goes on and on.

Changing my outlook to Intersectional Feminism as opposed to generic feminism has freed my conscience to understand the extra hurdles that exist not just because I am a woman, but because I am a black woman.

Critique of pop culture does nothing for me and my sisters. It does nothing to aid in our struggle to be seen as equal, which is why I stick to critiquing the policies of governments that use black women as whipping posts whenever a new budget comes around, whenever a television program deigns to enter an Aboriginal community and paint black women as the purveyors of what’s wrong within Aboriginal communities.

And I am tired. I’m tired. I’m tired of the rhetoric that non black people use to excuse the conditions that Aboriginal women try to live in. Aboriginal women are in many cases the backbones of their respective communities. We are the caretakers, the child bearers, the child rearers, the story keepers. We not only take care of our own children, but we take care of our peoples children too. Be it from opening our houses and doors to getting them to school and looking after their wellbeing.

As Aboriginal women we are pilloried by government policy. Where are all the so called feminists when my sisters are being targeted by the intervention and their payments quarantined? Where are the so called feminists when the houses we live in are falling down around us, and not because we are destroying them, but because of extreme overcrowding? Where are the so called feminists when our women go to jail for fines and come out in coffins? Where are the so called feminists when our first Aboriginal senator is racistly attacked verbally and in writing? (Say one word about mamamia, I fucking DARE YOU)

Maybe these problems that effect Aboriginal women aren’t glamorous enough? The reams of print about Julie Bishop not identifying as a feminist is nothing short of sickening. Third wave feminism is apparently about choice, she has made hers, move the fuck on.

I need to bring this back to the intervention. Also known as the Northern Territory National Emergency Response. The Racial Discrimination Act was suspended in order for this exercise in stupidity. Where were the so called feminists then? At my last reading of the statistics surrounding this heinous human rights violation, incarceration rates have more than doubled, self harm rates have more than doubled, suicide rates are at unprecedented epidemic proportions and forced rehab is nothing short of criminal. WHERE ARE THE FUCKING FEMINISTS?

As black women we want nothing more than to be able to bring our children up safely and with support. Like any women all we want is the same consideration given to all other people who are in difficult circumstances. Quarantining much needed payments is NOT support. It is malicious and barbaric. I cant help but wonder what’s next? No payments at all? Queues for food rations and blankets ala 1960? Because with this government it wouldn’t surprise me. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

(Do not leave a god damn comment about the 25 white people who have had ther payments quarantined, so help me dog)


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6 thoughts on “So you’re a feminist

  1. Well written and so good to see it all said so plainly. Stay strong. And yes, where are all those erudite clever well educated, well fed , well clothed, well dressed feminists.

  2. Hi Kelly. My name is Liam Charles from 2TM in Tamworth. I would love to have you on air to talk about the discrimination Aboriginal people are facing, in terms of housing in the Moree region. You can call be on 6765 9585. My hours are 8 – 4PM.

  3. Income management is deeply insulting and destructive. It is disgusting to treat vulnerable women and children in this way.

  4. Always thought it was outrageous how they suspended the Racial Discrimination Act to implement the so-called “intervention.” And I hate how both major political parties fall in line behind this oppressive and badly designed policy. I was going to say it is history repeating itself (shades of the 1905 Act) but it’s worse than that really – it is just a continuation of the invasion and the attempt to annihilate the original population.

  5. Thanks for this great blog. I’m a feminist and I am here.

  6. kalvarnsen on said:

    Sadly, many of the women who concentrate on critiquing gender expression in Frozen or what have you identify very strongly as “intersectional” despite not earning it. Too often they seem to think that all you have to do is use the word “intersectional” in a tumblr post and you’re in the clear. There is a hell of a lot of intersectional tokenism.

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