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Toady I Spruik (For an excellent cause)

Most readers of this blog are more than likely aware of IndigenousX.  The roational twitter account that features a new Aboriginal host weekly. IndigenousX now has its own website located here, but it is nowhere near complete.

To help with funds to complete the site, IndigenousX has t-shirts and hoodies on sale. All proceeds go towards building a wholly indigenous owned and operated social media enterprise that will encompass social media campaigns, consultations, educational sessions and much more.

Some of the designs available are –

indigxlogo indigxlogo2 indigxlogo3 indigxlogo4

You can view all designs at & also at Redbubble under IndigenousX.

Sadly my ideas for shirts weren’t quite up to standard. They were mostly ‘Because fuck you, thats why’, ‘your white tears sustain my strength’ and ‘Go fuck a tree’ etc etc, but not to worry, I’m thinking about a The Koori Woman t-shirt collection).

All shirts and hoodies come in a range of different colours and sizes and it’s an excellent way of showing support for a fully conceived, operated and run Aboriginal enterprise.

Some excellent news to come out of the IndigenousX twitter account is that the First Nations people of Canada have embraced the idea and have created their very own rotational account (seriously, go follow, it is amazing) based on the IndigenousX model created here in Australia by Luke Pearson.

So go buy a shirt and become a part of self determination for Aboriginals at its finest.


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