Gomeroi. This is MY truth.

CATS – Everywhere

Ok, so it’s day 6 of my post a day for a month blog spree. Apparently people like cats so this post is cats, cats and other cats. Our cats are named Yoko & Lenin (completely coincidental) and my foster sons cat is called Keyohay (I think he’s named after a Japanese anime character, so I have more then likely spelled his name wrong).

Baby Yoko

cat4 cat5

We got Lenin when she was older & figured out she was deaf and pretty much blind in her right eye almost immediately, so we had to figure out a way to call her. She loves chewing on circular things (hair ties, milk bottle rings, juice bottle rings, etc) So this is how we get her to come to us

cat1 cat2 cat3

I swear it works almost very single time. We also look directly at her and blink, once for food, twice for going outside, she does the same back to us.

Oh and this is Lenin when we first got her, she took straight to Mr16, so now she belongs to him

babylenin IMG_1293[1]

She also is never allowed outside without one of us with her, we’re terrified she’ll get eaten by a big dog or go onto the road.

This is Keyohay and Lenin waiting to go out for their evening exercise

IMG_1286[1]  Oh and this is Keyohay, who is quick as a flash and never lets me take pictures of him IMG_1284[1] IMG_1285[1]

And here are some pictures of Yoko who is a little demon and is sneaky as hell but we spoil her to bits

IMG_1296[1] IMG_1297[1]

So those are our little spoilt rotten babies who we love to bits. Hope you enjoyed 🙂


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2 thoughts on “CATS – Everywhere

  1. Love it, can’t have a cat any more so I never get sick of reading/seeing other folks kittens.And yours a re very cute indeed.

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