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Fuck You Nigel

I know this can never be published, but I was so angry when I read that piece on Yahoo news about Nigel Scullion and the disadvantage report, my teeth actually started grinding.

You know what? Fuck you Nigel Scullion.

Now you say it’s ok for Aboriginals to work for as  little as $5 an hour, you say it isn’t discriminatory and doesn’t break the Racial Discrimination Act. You say this, why? Because maybe 5 white people will be working for the same amount of pay, this is slave labour and you fucking know it.

Scullion has declared that more money is not the solution to Indigenous disadvantage. I say fuck you buddy. Because the money your department has allocated to Indigenous services is through NGOs and charities who have no fucking idea what they are getting themselves into and thinking they have all the answers without complete and proper consultation.

How dare you Scullion, sit in your comfortable air conditioned office and decide what services will work best when it comes to crime recidivism, suicide, self harm, violence and alcohol and drug addiction.

Your mind set is one of colonialism personified. You think white people swooping in will change anything? Newsflash, white people have been swooping in for 40 years and things have only deteriorated.

So when you say, and this is a direct fucking quote ‘”One of the things I am absolutely convinced about is this isn’t about more money. We have had enough money thrown at this issue to demonstrate that it is like water off a duck’s back.”

Yes but the money you are apparently throwing around is not finding its way into communities is it? It’s more likely to be found in white consultants pockets than anywhere else. Wake the fuck up.

You want to address Indigenous disadvantage then pave some god damn fucking roads, put on public transport, make it illegal for supermarkets to jack their prices up astronomically, bring back CDEP programs that generate work, fix some god damn fucking houses, ensure there is a steady supply of electricity and clean drinking water, LISTEN to what members of individual communities need and FUCKING provide it.

And I don’t give a flying fuck about how much money it will cost, because by not doing any of these things you and your fucking government are killing us, while mainstream Australia sits idly by and says we fucking deserve it.


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One thought on “Fuck You Nigel

  1. You got angry, I just felt sick earlier today when I heard of this.
    It is beyond toxic, it’s unbearably ugly.
    I can’t find a way to comfort. Today I feel impotent with rage.
    Mobile: 0434812140


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