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10 Racist Incidents in Australia 2014

10. Woman goes apeshit on a bus, etceteraaa etcetera.

We all know this story. What is it with racists and buses anyway? Something about public transport really brings out the racist in the racists though.  Although I didnt see her crying on A Current Affair, so is she really rehabilitated? I guess we’ll never know.

At least she got charged.

9. A Muslim woman was violently assaulted in Melbourne

A woman believed to be a Muslim was left shaken and traumatised after she was thrown out of a train in the northern part of Melbourne in a racist attack. The woman’s abuser grabbed her by the hair and neck as her head was bashed several times on the wall of the train’s carriage. The Muslim woman was then pushed off the train when it arrived in Batman Station in Coburg North.

Ken Lay calls it a ‘Prejudice related crime’ seriously dude? She was finally arrested, and quelle horreur she is a serial racist who was involved in a string of incidents on trains in Melbourne.

8. It’s my fucking country, racist on yet another train, etceteraaaaaaaa etcetera

It doesn’t get much uglier than a drunk person spraying around racism at people who just want to get to where they’re going. But, racists have never been among the politer realms of society. This woman thought it would be ok to call people black c**ts, a fellow traveller (and dont you just love it when this happens) wasn’t having any of it.

When the woman states ‘This is my country’ he replies deadpan ‘If this is your country, then I don’t fucking want to be here.’

If anyone sees this guy out and about, give him a high 5. Hell, he deserves 3 million high fives.

She wasn’t charged either.

7. Where a busload of Jewish KIDS cop a spray

A group of drunken youths accused of chanting anti-Semitic abuse at a busload of Jewish primary school students had engaged in an opportunistic attack and had not considered the consequences of their actions, police say. Really? 5 youths between 15 and 17 were arrested and were so drunk they couldn’t be interviewed, In Vino Veritas I say.

6. African Australians being abused over Ebola outbreak – Yes, you read that right.

African Australians were harassed abused and shunned, because of the Ebola epidemic abroad. You cannot make this shit up. I cant even come up with a sarcastic comment about this and the people who took part in this need to be called stupid, repetitively.

5. Number 5’s racist train attack comes to you from Brisbane (Stop hogging the racism Melbourne Gaawd)

The man in this video calls the guard a “n—-r” and a “black c–t” and fells him to “learn some fucking English, cuz this is Australia”.

After the video went viral he took to Facebook and declared his pride in his race. Then he must have had a change of heart, because a few hours later he apologised. Maybe after the cops came?

4. Sydney FC files a racism complaint against a Wanderers player – racism in sport, in Australia?! (Snark)

Crack midfielder Ali Abbas filed a formal complaint after comments made to him in relation to his cultural and religious background. This came after an ‘erase racism’ round of the league. If this sounds familiar, a similar thing happened to Adam Goodes last year.

3. 1 in 10 Australians are racist (Not really an incident, but worth noting on my list)

The University of Western Sydney research shows more than one out of ten of us have racist tendencies. It kind of explains a lot.

2. 3 men arrested after taunting people walking into a Mosque and causing a brawl

Australias version of the KKK, The ADL decided to go visit a Lakemba mosque after the Lindt cafe siege that caused the deaths of 3 people, including the shooter. After the ADL made derogatory remarks to people entering the mosque, a brawl broke out. These people are racists and idiots and dont get a link.

1, Barry Spurr resigns (hurrah)

New Matilda, the online news source broke the news of Barry Spurrs racist emails. I wont repeat what they said here, needless to say they were incredibly offensive. Spurr defended himself by saying the emails were ‘whimsical word play’. He whimsied himself straight out of one of the best jobs in the country. Later sukah!


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One thought on “10 Racist Incidents in Australia 2014

  1. It’s appalling how many racist incident happen in Australia – in everyday society but also on the sporting field. This post shows just how common these instances are and stresses the fact there needs to be intervention to avoid even needing prevention. It’s no secret here that the common theme is a lack of understanding and we need to take it upon ourselves as Australians to spread the word that this behaviour is NOT okay. Even if it’s something as small as pulling someone up on something they said that may have been offensive. He might not have realised but doing this will definitely make him think next time. AIU.

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