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Oh it’s so shocking blah blah

Why are people shocked that Aboriginal kids die 5.2 times more than their non Aboriginal counterparts?

Most will live in substandard housing, be the object of racism, have one or both parents self-medicating via alcohol or other drugs, leading to vicious addictions, maybe a parent in jail, at least an uncle, cousin or Aunt.

They look around and see no way out of this life. So why bother.

Again I ask why are people shocked? You’ve seen First Contact, Utopia, why are you shocked? You’ve seen the 30 people in one house, you’ve seen the harsh reality of living in the far outback, so I’ll ask again, why are you shocked?

Some of these places don’t even have running water. Oh how shocking! But what can I do, you ask yourself, sitting and reading this piece.

You march. You rally. You organise a down tools for a half hour every day at 11am until the Prime Ministers Cabinet finally fixes at least housing and water in communities. Until they commit to Community Development and Education Programs that were working until they were cut for no reason. Programs that gave people pride and hope for their communities.

You stand up for decent and proper medical and mental health services in every community. You stand up for all the things you take for granted that People living in these communities will never have.

That’s what you do. Because if you don’t, that number is going to get worse. And you’ll pretend to be shocked, but deep down you know you’re not. Not really.


On whats goin on

Quick update for my sadly neglected little blog. My Start Some Good venture in conjunction with Crokey Blog was a huge success. What this means is that any Aboriginal Health related pieces I write will be published over on my ‘The croakey Koori’ column. Yup, I have column now. its over here so come and check it out.

My first piece will be live within a week, so keep your eye out! This by no means that I will be publishing less on this blog. Matter of fact, I’m hearing atrocious things are headed Aboriginal peoples way in the upcoming budget, so you know I’ll be all over that like a bird on a worm.

If you’re reading Goldfinch by donna Tartt, or are planning to before the 12th May, head on over to Twitter, where we will be having a #Bookchat at 7.30pm Eastern Aus time.  Our next book  will be Tiddahs by Anita Heiss, so if  this sounds even a little bit interesting, come on by the #Bookchat hashtag and say hi.


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